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All employees are looking forward to the monthly salary, but its preparation takes really a lot of time and work. Payroll accounting is a complicated process and that's why we offer you our help with its processing. This service includes completly processing of payroll agenda so, that all is conformable with national rating of european country, connected with payroll problems.

Payroll accounting is processed in spaces of our company by software HUMAN and covers these services:
  • registering and deregistering of employees in Healthy insurance company and Social insurance company
  • employees personal file
  • representation of client in case of control from Healthy insurance company and Social insurance company
  • provison of oversight above factual rightness of particular contracts,
  • complet payroll processing & sending of wage-slips in discreet covers, monthly summing, accounting data pursuant to client's needs, charging orders exposing, if needed, direct payroll refundation from our account pursuant to the union with client, monthly statement and additions for social and healthy insurance
  • annual account of healthy insurance,
  • annual account of natural person income tax
  • evidence of years actually worked
  • quarterly processing of view of deducted and paid tax-advances and of tax paid on the basis of individual rate (statistical view Trexima, PROD 3 04 etc.)
  • annual processing of view of tax statement, processing of statement Trexima, Nem-ÚR etc.
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