Mission of our company
The primary purpose of our company is effective and economical advising on business activities of our clients through our services. Our services are provided for our clients with a high added value.
Our genesis
The company KRC Consulting Ltd. was set in by the partnership agreement on November 06, 2008. It was registered into the Register of Companies on December 05, 2008.

The company is on the Slovak market-place only a short time, but during this short period it gained confidence of the clients. The most important indicator of our quality of services is the confidence and satisfaction of our clients and their persisting favour to our services.

Among our clients belong some big and middle international and domestic companies working on Slovak as well as international market-place in different areas of business. We would like to provide to you by request some contact data of our clients pursuant which you can contact them. On the site Clients you can find the list of our clients.
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